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River Hill Australian Shepherds (Darby & Milo pictured)

We are a small, family owned and loved kennel located in Montgomery County, Maryland.  Lisa grew up riding horses and got her first Aussie when she was about 13.  "Boomer" was where the love affair began!  She came from an old, great line of Aussies - Davlin.  Not to date Lisa too much, but Boomer pre-dated Aussies being part of the AKC.

Fast Forward, when Lisa met Aaron and they got married, there was only one choice of breed to add to their family.  Aaron didn't grow up with dogs, but he fell head over heels for Lisa's first Aussie "Boomer."

Cobblstones Picture Perfect, "Molly"  joined their family in 1998.  She was Aaron's first dog - and she was his heart dog.

Over the years, their human and canine family had grown and Darby joined them in 2012.  Lisa's "show career" began - we use that term very loosely!!

Lisa jokes that Darby came off the plane - from Morning Mist Australian Shepherds - knowing how to free stack (at 10 weeks old).  Seriously though, she really did :-).  She is the perfect show girl!

Once Lisa finished Darby's AKC Championship (with a little help from Becky Lueth) she became Lisa's daughter's Juniors dog.  

Thank you so much for visiting our site.  We'd love to chat sometime!

Lisa Garson

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River Hill Australian Shepherds

Montgomery County, Maryland, US

Lisa Garson